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Monday, January 25, 2010

Amazing Discovery!

Okay, You READERS (I'm gonna be consistent feminists) won't believe this. I found a real unedited satellite picture of the world. Apparently, the Russians were hiding this picture from us Americans. So, I don't want to describe the process of me getting the map, cause it was pretty gross, but it involved a half stick of butter, a shot glass, and a lighter in the shape of a dolphin.
Here is the real world map:
Okay so here is a fake world map:
Okay so as you can see, there are some considerable differences here. The fake map fails to include Penguin Land or Jurassic park. It should be noted that Penguin Land may be mistakenly labeled as "Antarctica." It also individually labels the other countries instead of massing them into one large group like they really are. On the real map, Alaska and Hawaii are conveniently placed next to America while the fake map places them far away. Also, the real map correctly shapes Russia as it is the demented frowny face island that it really is as opposed to a large regularly shaped subcontinent. So, here you have it. The real world map.

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