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Friday, January 1, 2010

First Post

Man, it feels like July 4, 1776 all over again. The beginning of a great thing. In this case, its this blog, not America. And just like George Washington, Ben Franklin, Jack Daniels, and John Hancock before me, I have a feeling this is the start of something good. No Amazing. No America (The best nouns make even better adjectives).

So, let me tell you a little about my relationship with the U.S.:
  • I've known her for my entire life.
  • We've had one sexual encounter and things got pretty steamy but I won't get graphic because this is a family friendly site. But, yeah I so tapped that (She may just be an inanimate object and, frankly, a piece of land, but its possible and very uncomfortable. But then we decided to rethink things and take it slow.
  • I hate terrorists and communists cause I'm American.
  • I like baseball, apple pie, and boobs.
  • I don't like Chinese stuff except for Chinese food, Things made in China, Chinese Women, and Chinese Water Buffalos.
  • I don't watch the Olympics because the commentators are always wrong. They say America loses!
  • The National Anthem is on my ipod
So, I hope you like America cause I like America and read my blog. I plan to do three to five entries a week so maybe you should like check on Sunday or something or just check everyday. I don't really care so just read it.
- The Patriotor (I'm signing stuff as that for now, but definitely post a comment or something so that I could get a cool name but for now thats what it is maybe I should have a poll)

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